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Government to encourage people in the informal economy to enter the informal economy to improve livelihoods


VOA, PHNOM PENH – In the formulation of a new strategy of the government on the development of the informal economy for 2023 to 2028, those who are doing business in The informal economy will be rolled into an economic system with the support of the relevant authorities.

The new strategy will contribute to improving people’s lives and achieving sustainable development. Resistant to various crises. This is according to the results of the plenary session of the Council of Ministers on September 20 .

Government spokesman Pen Bona told VOA that the National Strategy for Informal Economic Development 2023-2028 is a supportive one. To the people who are engaged in the informal economy to grow like those who are engaged in the informal economy.

He said: “The government of the seventh mandate is to prepare a national strategy on informal economic development for 2023 to 2028. Why did he prepare it, because the Royal Government intends to support all those who engage in informal business so that he Get the same benefits as you in the system.

He added: “So recently, when there was an announcement from some authorities for them to register, he was worried. Worried, he was worried that he would have to pay taxes, pay this and that. Therefore, Samdech Thipadei, you have suspended the registration of anything, wait for the preparation of this national strategic policy and then leave. “Once.”

Those who rely on the informal economy refer to small business owners or market and street vendors; and Tricycle riders and so on.

According to a press release from the Plenary Session of the Council of Ministers, which was released to the public on Wednesday, the strategy National Informal Economic Development will respond to some challenges and realities and pay close attention On the well-being of the people and supporting the informal economy after the Kovid 19 crisis.

President of the Independent Association of Informal Economy, Mr. Vorn Pov, applauded the new government’s attention to the business community. Informal economy as a new context to further push them into the systemic economy With the monitoring of professional officials and local authorities.

He added that the National Strategy for Informal Economic Development 2023-2028 of the Royal Government has been achieved in response. An important one for people in the informal economy as they are facing a number of problems, including the recession Declining incomes and the pressure of rising commodity prices in the aftermath of the 19 Kovid outbreak.

“His needs for informal economists are social services, both economic, social and cultural rights and social justice,” he said. For theirs too. This is necessary to get his economy back to normal, as it was before the covid state.

The launch of a five-year informal economic development strategy also aims to strengthen your productivity and resilience. Make a living in the informal economy and accelerate economic participation in the system to ensure the progress of business, trade, investment and cooperation. Business, occupation and livelihood in Cambodia.

This national strategy prioritizes five key points, including:

  • Configuring, editing and setting up mechanisms to facilitate access to the system
  • Reducing the burden on compliance
  • Providing support and support to those who have entered the system
  • Capacity building and support for those who enter the system
  • Strengthening and expanding outreach and promoting awareness and participation.

The Royal Government considers the introduction of this new national strategy as a pioneer in the development of the informal economy to Increase cooperation between ministries, institutions, the private sector, national and international organizations, and establish relations with various associations.

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