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2-Story Structure Discovered On Third Terrace Of Bayon Temple

Two-Story Structure

(AKP Phnom Penh, 9/18/2023) — APSARA National Authority’s restoration team has discovered a new structure that was never known before, i.e. the construction of two overlapping stone walls on the third terrace of Bayon Temple.

According to the authority’s news release issued this morning, this structure was found while the technical team was strengthening the temple’s structure on the third terrace.

Miss Meng Sovanlylin, an architect and technician working on the third terrace of Bayon Temple, said this was the second time that technicians had found a two-story structure on the third terrace which differs from other ancient temples.

This structure has one platform, and another platform has been built from the outside, and changes in the architectural layout during construction have also been noted, she added.

Technicians have observed that the pre-built platform is less decorative, with only stone carvings, while the later-built platform has a more beautiful design.

Architects have speculated that the addition of stone wall may have been due to the builders’ change for a better design. By Phal Sophanith

Source: ក្រសួងព័ត៌មាន

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