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Phnom Penh Administration Orders to Crack Down on All Types of Gambling in All Districts

Phnom Penh Administration Orders to Crack Down on All Types of Gambling in All Districts

Phnom Penh Capital Administration Orders All District Authorities in Phnom Penh to Crack Down and Not Allow All Kinds of Gambling In the local area. This is according to a notification message posted on the Facebook page of the Phnom Penh Capital Administration.

The move comes after Prime Minister Hun Manet issued a voicemail order to all provincial governors. Monitor and take action to crack down on more lucky gambling games across the country.

Phnom Penh Deputy Governor Keut Chhe told VOA on Thursday that at an emergency meeting of the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration yesterday Recently, local authorities in the capital will follow the order of the Prime Minister without allowing the opening of new locations. No other lucky adventure game.

He said: “But what applies to the words of the President yesterday is not allowed the Phnom Penh administration to move to a new location. No, so in the past, the person who received the so-called visa from the competent institution, he asked to be located at the lower level institution. Nation, now Samdech Thipadei, he advised not to have new, how much is enough.

He added that in the past, the implementation or crackdown on gambling was based on information from local areas and the expertise of Investigation by law enforcement forces.

Phnom Penh Municipal Police spokesman Sam Vicheka told VOA that after receiving the content of the control meeting Check and crack down on gambling in Phnom Penh, the Capital Police Force will take action and implement the above regulations .

“I do not know much about gambling, because we have never had a job,” he said. Skills from this work, but in the past we have learned that there are online games related to fishing games. Thus, we will research and continue to implement any game that commits illegal crimes.

Through a more than two-minute voicemail shared on social media on Wednesday, Hun Manet ordered a moratorium. All licenses to run gambling activities in the local area, as well as recommend to the Gambling Management Commission of Cambodia Under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, including all stakeholders, review and reorganize management policies and measures Various lucky adventure games across the country.

Mr. Hun Manet said: “I ask His Excellency, Lok Chumteav, Governor, Board of Governors to take immediate action to inspect the gambling venue. Smoke at the local level within its jurisdiction. In case there are any new openings, please take immediate action to close and report directly to me to take action. It can lead to the revocation of licenses in the province or across the country.

However, Mr. Manet did not specify whether to close the existing gambling venue. He also did not specify whether the lucky draw had a lottery. Lotto is seen to be booming in public places, especially sports venues in Cambodia.

Hun Manet’s order to prevent the spread of further gambling comes after the announcement An online gambling business called DIG88 has been heavily criticized by a well-known comedian named Neay. The teacher who participated in promoting the game through the recording of music videos and gestures. Neay Kroeun later announced his withdrawal from the ad after a series of public reactions, especially to network users.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has stated that the Cambodian government has not licensed online gambling companies to do business or do business in No, Cambodia, since mid-2019, when the government announced the closure of online games called That popular online game.

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